The ranch is located in Cedar Creek, TX just 30 minutes from the states’ capitol of Austin. The property spans nearly 400 acres weaving alongside a portion of Cedar Creek for which the city was named. It is also home to a section of Texas’ famous roadway, The El Camino Real de los Tejas or Old San Antonio Road. This roadway was a major travel and trade route through the state for hundreds of years. Bastrop County became a rest stop for weary travelers and horses.



The city of Cedar Creek was settled around 1832 by a gentleman named Addison Litton. He was granted 4400 acres of blackland prairie on both sides of Cedar Creek. Blackland prairie is a type ecoregion in central Texas named after the rich, dark properties of the soil. The name Blackland Prairie Ranch came from this portion of Texas history. We are proud to honor the pioneers that settled in this area centuries ago.

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